Saturday, June 2, 2012

Public Transport Moving Toward More Train-Driven Model

From ERR: Public Transport Moving Toward More Train-Driven Model

Although the results may not be apparent yet, Estonia has firmly opted for a future public transport model with more emphasis on train traffic, say officials.

The goal is to increase train speeds, make platforms more convenient to use and add trains. Transfer opportunities from trains to other types of transport will also improve in the years to come.

Toomas Haidak, head of the transport development and investments department at the Economic Affairs Ministry, said the public transport system in Eastern Europe still lags behind the quality in countries to the west, although the number of users is high.

Haidak said the biggest problems are in domestic and local public transport, but that efforts are being made to rectify the situation.

"The results are not yet visible, but they should be in a few years, when the new trains arrive."

This May, for instance, work is in full swing to build new standardized-looking lighted platforms for all of the stops on the Tartu-Koidula line, allowing passengers to exit the train from any car.

Europe has prepared a single transport area action plan designed to introduce environmentally sustainable transport and increase mobility by 2050. Haidak said it was possible to meet the goals but added much had to do with domestic commitment.

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