Friday, June 8, 2012

Australia: Expo opens up world of trains

From The Chronicle: Expo opens up world of trains

A STEADY chain of stooped-over Lego-philes embarked on a journey through the ages at the weekend's Toowoomba Model Train Exhibition.

Naia Murphy's face lit up as she shuffled ever closer to the miniaturised platforms of the Brisbane Lego Train Group's sprawling creation.

The six-year-old model train lover was in good company - the colourful and inspired diorama was among the show's most popular exhibits.

Group president Russell Bates said the bricks were far more than just plastic prisms.

He said they were the building blocks of imagination.

"It's all about the love of the little bricks," he said.

"What people like most about Lego is that you don't have to build what's on the cover of the box.

"Imagination comes into play and it's all about what you want to create."

The vast Lego scene took spectators on a trip from prehistoric times to a world of space travel, with a splash of dragons and fantasy added to the mix.

"It took hundreds of hours to complete," Mr Bates said.

"We have 45 members and we all contributed to the finished product."

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