Monday, November 7, 2011

Models, kits make Bayonne shop hobbyist heaven

From Models, kits make Bayonne shop hobbyist heaven
One of the best kept secrets for model and miniature enthusiasts in Bayonne is right at 28th Street and Broadway.

Bayonne resident and co-owner of Pastime Hobbies & Miniatures, Vincent Margiotta, along with Aida Figueroa, spent his youth building model trains and planes. He has since earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, and has never given up with his hobby.

"I always had a love for models and miniatures," Margiotta said.
"As I got older, I started using it as an escape from the corporate world. From there, I knew I wanted to open up a shop where hobbyists like myself, can purchase items for a beginning or even expanding leisure pursuits," he added.

Pastime Hobbies & Miniatures, which opened its doors in 2003, is a hobby shop that sells plastic model kits, supplies, and dollhouse miniatures.

Figueroa, who has been a dollhouse buff for nearly 25 years said, "As hobbies go, building dolls' houses might seem to be one of the rarer ones, but the benefits our customers get from building them can be fun and even therapeutic. They tend to gain a sense of accomplishment from what they have created."

How did the owners get their start? Both Margiotta and Figueroa, who worked in the telecommunications industry, each had a love for model trains and dollhouses, and decided to share their passion with fellow hobbyists.

What makes the shop unique?

Margiotta says there are no competing businesses of this type within the city or within several miles from Bayonne that offer hobby shop products/supplies.
What will you find inside?

Pastime Hobbies has a large selection of model trains and accessories, paints, rockets, slot cars, diecast models, dollhouses and miniatures, plastic/resin kits, and an abundance of magazines regarding the various crafts sold in the shop.

What are the price points?

Plastic models range from $16 to $200; dollhouse kits start at $8 and up; and miniatures range from $2 to $200.

What are the owners' plans for the business?

Margiotta and Figueroa said they want to continue to serve the creative hobbyists in the City of Bayonne.

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