Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Country Singer Martina McBride Boards Amtrak Train for Tour

From BusinessGather.com: Country Singer Martina McBride Boards Amtrak Train for Tour
Looking to boost sales, Amtrak has hired country singer Martina McBride to endorse the troubled railroad company. McBride, the self-proclaimed "Celine Dion of country," is on her way to New York to promote her 11th studio album, conveniently called, Eleven.

McBride's Cross Country Amtrak Journey
The trip from LA to New York will take McBride a total of four days to complete, but she's not concerned about the time. In a statement, Martina said, "We can travel so much further by train than bus." Amtrak trains have sleeping accommodations and onboard dining, which makes a train ride slightly more convenient than a bus ride. Although by comparison, taking a plane across the country takes just a handful of hours.

Amtrak's Cash Problems
Martina McBride's endorsement is creative, but not likely to make much of a difference for the unprofitable railroad company. Costly, government-mandate routes have cut deeply into Amtrak's profitability. In addition, Amtrak relies heavily on federal aid, but current and upcoming budget cuts are going to make operations even more difficult. Amtrak is trying to get with the times by introducing social media campaigns and connecting with celebrities like Martina McBride. However, a four-day train ride simply isn't convenient, and today's fast-paced lifestyles aren't likely to support such a sluggish business model.

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