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20-26 June, 2011: Cascade Rails 2011 in Tacoma (Railroad History)

Railroad History Convention:

I share this announcemnt from their website:

Welcome to the official website for Cascade Rails 2011, the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) annual convention. The event is being held in Tacoma, Washington, June 20-26, 2011. Tacoma Chapter NRHS is hosting the event. Our intent is to update this website as necessary to provide current information to our NRHS member attendees and guests.

NRHS at its Board of Directors meeting during the convention in Tacoma, announced June 24 that $38,500 had been awarded in 2011 NRHS Railway Heritage Grants, including the following three awards in Northwest Region:

Pacific Northwest Chapter NRHS - Portland OR - awarded $3,400 – toward PTRC Alco S-2 diesel locomotive repainting project.

2. Yaquina Pacific Chapter NRHS - Toledo OR - awarded $1,200 – toward installation of two interpretative highway signs on Yaquina Bay Road near site of former Yaquina City on route of former Oregon Pacific/Willamette Valley & Coast/Corvallis & Eastern/SP rail line to Newport from Toledo, Oregon.

3. Pacific Northwest Railroad Archives - Burien WA - awarded $2,000 toward project to preserve and digitize 30 years of Pacific Coast Railroad train dispatcher's daily Record of Movement of Trains ("train sheets") from Maple Valley WA. Supporting this independent multi-organization Archive facility and its development is a major new focus and activity of Tacoma Chapter NRHS.

Ticket Sales are now available to the Public.

The SP4449 trip from Tacoma to Portland on Sunday June 26, 2011 has available seating.

Chehalis STEAM! S.P. 4449 STEAM! Mount Rainier STEAM! Trolleys and Electric Busses! Geared Locomotives! Rod Locomotives! First and second generation Diesels! Major Intermodal operations! Historic railroad structures! We’ve got it all!
Convention registration is open to all NRHS members in Good Standing. Many events are selling fast, and to ensure you make it on board you need to hurry. Likewise, the Hotel Murano in Tacoma is fast approaching capacity, and you’ll want to be in the Convention Hotel if at all possible, by calling 1-888-862-3255.
You may register for the Convention and the remaining available events as shown on the "Order Tickets" page.
Ticket orders and inquiries may be sent via U.S. Mail to:
Cascade Rails 2011 Convention
Tacoma Chapter NRHS
PO Box 340
Tacoma WA 98401.
Orders will be held and processed as on-site “walk-up” orders for any seats remaining available for each event, at the Convention Registration Desk at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, starting 3:00 p.m. PDT Sunday June 19, 2011.
Questions may be referred to the Convention information line at (253) 495-7500, or by an email question submitted on the form below. .
A few events are “sold out” and are listed below:
2010 Chehalis-Centralia Railroad.
2220 Seattle Traction Tour
2390 Tacoma Rail Night Photo Session
2510 Mainline Steam 4449 Stampede Pass Coach

2511 Mainline Steam 4449 Stampede Pass Club
2512 Mainline Steam 4449 Stampede Pass Dome
Thanks for your interest in Cascade Rails 2011.
Edward M. Berntsen
Convention General Manager

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