Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Model Railroad Show takes tracks to the mall

Another annual event - mark it on your calendar for next year.

From  Model Railroad Show takes tracks to the mall

EUGENE, Ore. -- All aboard for the 34th Model Railroad show in the Valley River Center!
Many of the train aficionados that visited the show on Saturday said that their love of model trains stemmed from having one as a kid.
“When I was about 5 years old - back in 1955 - I got my first Lionel train set that my dad turned into this huge train table,” said Frank Sharpy, scoping out the intricate railways that filled the Valley River’s plaza. “Nowhere near this exotic … but ever since I have loved my trains."
Sharpy said he took his grandson to the show not once, but twice this weekend; per his grandson’s request.
"His eyes are glowing, he says ‘Pick me up, show me more trains!’,” Sharply said. “As I said, we came twice and he will probably want to come back tomorrow."
The exhibit features models of historic locomotives and even a model of the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter series.
The people behind the exhibits said that they love having the opportunity to work with other enthusiasts, building the models from scratch and working on electronics.
 “I personally love working with he small stuff. I love taking a box of garbage and making it look like the stuff that is running over here,” said Fred Miranda, a member of the Willamette Cascade Model Railroad Club, a group that has been together since the 1970’s.
The show isn’t all about model trains. Operation Lifesaver has a booth devoted to educating kids and adults about railroad safety.
“Realize these things can't stop on a dime and they are heavy … even semis and logging trucks don't survive against them,” said Miranda.
The Model Railroad show was put together by clubs around the Pacific northwest and is scheduled to keep on rolling through Sunday.


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