Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Railways drops live TV, Net plan for Shatabdis

From the Financial Express:  Railways drops live TV, Net plan for Shatabdis

New Delhi: The Indian Railways has dropped its ambitious plan of providing live TV service and Internet on Shatabdi trains after it failed to get any response from private players. Last year, the railways had come up with the plan of installing seven-inch LCD screens in Delhi-bound Shatabdi trains on a PPP model and had invited bids.
“The idea was to provide free of cost value-added service to Shatabdi passengers and allow service providers to air advertisement and share a part of the ad revenue with the railways,” said a senior official.
“The railways had planned to provide this service on all Delhi-bound Shatabdi trains by the end of last fiscal year, but wasn’t able to do so because of technical delays. The railways conducted a trial run in Kalka Shatabdi before deciding to introduce it in other trains.”
“There were no technical delays but the contractor didn’t find the project viable as 20% airtime


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