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An Introduction to HO Scale Model Train

From NBChildren: An Introduction to HO Scale Model Train
Scale models of automobiles have collectors around the globe. People have specific interests when it comes to scale models. Some prefer to cars over rails, while others collect scales of modern and vintage airplanes. Among the several different scale models of transportation objects, those of railways are perhaps one of the most interesting to watch as well as collect. For people who collect them, it is more than just a hobby. In fact it grows to be a part of their lives. Today, there are television series and kids shows that are inspired by scale railway models.

There are several manufacturers of scale model railways in the world. Among them, HO is perhaps the most renowned for making quality railway locomotive scales and tracks. HO established itself as a pioneer in model railway after the Second World War. The intention was to build railway tracks that are essentially useful for small home layouts. The idea was to manufacture cheaper railway scale models. At first the track width for HO was fixed as 16.5 mm. This was based on the standard gauge track size. However, there were companies that built scale railway models even before HO.

There are other models of scale trains like the O Scale and N Scale. However, the HO Scale was perhaps the most popular and widely accepted one. It was also the mostly manufactured train scale model. The term HO actually refers to Half Zero. This is to represent that the HO model was based on the original O-gauge train. The ‘O’ in HO is correctly spelled as zero. However, for convenience, it is spelled as the letter O. The ratio of an HO scale model train is approximately 1:87.

The history of HO Scale model train dates back to 1930sEurope. It was the German manufacturers that first designed these trains. The first model was designed in order to compete with the OO scale model. The HO model was sized similar to that of the OO model. The HO models were an instant hit and became much more popular during the 1950s. It was also during this period that train scale models became a part of people’s hobby. When compared with the OO model, the HO ones were comparatively smaller and hence were smoother and faster.

The HO train scales had broader layout patterns. They were more popular among people who collected trains and other scales of popular transportation like buses, flights and ships. However, the most important aspect which might have attracted people would be the detailing given to these scale models. The details are rich and displays on the trains are creative, without making it superfluous. This helped the HO models to have a close resemblance with real time locomotives. Before HO models hit the market, train scale models fit only in bigger hands. However, HO models were handy with kids too. Depending upon your likings and dislikes you can design a railway. If you prefer too much detail, then, this might eat up a little bit more time. You can also go for a fictional railroad.

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