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From Truro Daily News: Choo-choo

Locomotives at annual model train show impress young and old
Topics : Nova Scotia Community College , Truro Model Railroaders Association , Halifax
TRURO - The model trains may not have been life-like in size, but that was the only difference one local girl could see.

"They seem to be really realistic," said 10-year-old Zoe Morgan, who attended the Truro Model Railroaders Association's 34th annual fall train show on Saturday at the Nova Scotia Community College.

Standing on a chair next to her seven-year-old brother, Jonah, Zoe watched as trains went around a module set up by the EasterN BeNd RRs Modular Model Railroading, based out of Halifax.

"It's cool to watch them go by."

Set up in the athletic centre at the college, visitors had a chance to admire a number of different trains, and even had a chance to operate a small street trolley.

"I like the big long one," said Jonah, while still standing on the chair.

From buildings and bridges to cars, people and trees, model train lovers watched as the trains travelled along the tracks. Some visitors even took pictures.

Along the outside of the gym, tables were set up with model cars for purchase. Also, some train operators wore hats a train conductor would wear, to the delight of young and old.

For Gary Miller of Falmouth, who is 66 and associated with the EasterN BeNd RRs, his love of trains has not diminished with age.

"It started when I was a kid," said Miller. "When I was around seven or eight I got my first train set at Christmas. That's how it all starts."

Miller remembers his childhood and how one locomotive at the local train station would allow children to climb onto the train.

After getting away from the hobby for a little while, Miller got back into it, thinking his son might be interested in it.

"I had several layouts in my house," he said, adding he started with HO scale trains instead of the N the EasterN BeNd RRs promote.

"HO scale trains are one size larger than the N scale. You need a lot of room for HO scale and I thought I didn't have enough room."

Miller said he then sold all his HO scale trains and switched to N scale.

"With N scale, you can get about twice as much in, but I don't think I have enough room now," he said.

Aside from the love of trains, Miller said the hobby is also good for socializing.

"We each have our own module and when we go to things like this, we put them all together and have a train day," he said of the other members of the EasterN BeNd RRs

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