Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Model trains roll into Kensington

From Maryland Community News Online: Model trains roll into Kensington
At the center of Kensington lies one of its oldest running traditions, the train station, a fixture there since the 19th century.

This Saturday and Sunday, members of the National Capital Trackers will celebrate that tradition, and the 120th anniversary of the Kensington train station, with an exhibition of model trains at Town Hall.

This will be the first time the National Capital Trackers, a Washington, D.C.-area model train club, will host a show in Kensington. Organizers say it will be one of the biggest they put together all year, with 30 members of the group building five main lines complete with train yards.

“This is a new show for us, we want to do it right,” said Rich Myers, the track master, or organizer, of the show.

Admission for this event is $5 for adults and $2 for children. Family admission is $10.

Town Hall is at 3710 Mitchell St.

Proceeds will go to benefit the Kensington Historical Society, as well as the Noyes Children’s Library Foundation, an organization that aims to help keep open the Noyes Library for Young Children in Kensington

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