Friday, July 15, 2011

Train History: Bulletins of the National Railway Historical Society

The Bulletin, official magazine of the National Railway Historical Society. A 7 in by 5 in publicatoin.

This is the cover of issue number 3, Volume 29, 1964.

Within it is the member list for 1963. The list includes name and complete address for every member.

States with the fewest members:
Delaware - 6
Idaho - 1
Louisiana - 6
Maine - 3
Mississippi - 3
Montana - 3
Nevada - 2
New Hampshire - 4
New Mexico - 2
Oklahoma - 5

By far, the state of New York, and Ohio, had the most members, followed by the District of Columbia, Georgia, Kansas, Illionois and so on.

Table of Contents lists only the over-arcing departments:
Convention in Newark
Main Lines
Electric Rails
New Books
Editor Comments
Chapter Activities

I'll share more info from this bulletin shortly.

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