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Booklists: Off on a Wild Caboose Chase, by Adolf Hungry Wolf

Off on a Wild Caboose Chase: True adventures, folklore, and a farewell tribute to the old train caboose, by a writer who lives aboard one, by Adolf Hungry Wolf
William Morrow and Company, 1989
205 pages, no index. 24 pages of b&w photos.
Library: 625.22 HUN

The world of rails holds a nostalgic fascination for millions of Americans who remember a train whistling around a bend with a steam engine leading and a caboose bringing up the rear.

Adolf Hungry Wolf, expert on American Indian culture and well-known author of train lore, has had a lifelong love affair with the rails. Here he relates many tails from his encycopediac knowledge of the railroad, annd, in particular, the caboose. The most beloved of all railroad cars because they were home to the crew, cabooses were surrounded by myth, legend, and sometimes truth far stranger than fiction.

Adolf Hungry Wolf purchased an old caboose to use as his office and transported it many miles over rail and road to his home in British Columbia. That arduous, if scenic, journey is described, and he gives recommendations for how similar cabooses can be obtained and used by their fans.

He also includes suggestions for some scenic and historic train trips in North America that he and his son Okan have discovered over the years.

This fascinating collection of true adventures, folklore, and farewell tribute to the old train caboose is illustrated by stunning photographs, many of them from the author's own historic collection.

Table of Contents
1. Train in the Night
2. Across the Rockies in my Own Caboose
3. My Grandpa Had One, Too!
4. I've Been Working on the Railroad
5. Notes from a Family Freight Yard
6. Rail Laws and Handcars
7. The Moose by My Caboose...and Other Animal Tales
8. Railroad Avenue and Depot Street
9. Railroad Lingo, Women Presidents, and Rhymes
10. Notes from Some Father and Son Train Trips
11. Last of the Wild Cabooses

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